Elizabeth's Page

Betty wants to share her cupcake

Elizabeth is 1 year old. She just got mobile and she is crawling all over the place. She is still the sweetest baby ever, as long as you let her go wherever she wants. She pulls herself up on the couch or table or whatever, and hardly ever falls and hurts herself. She can even stand by herself for a few seconds. Can walking be far away?

She looks an awful lot like Madeline when Maddie was a baby. The resemblence is uncanny. Sometimes I find myself looking at a baby picture of Madeline and thinking it is Elizabeth. Betty is also a bit of a chatterbox. She loves to babble in that cute baby talk that the kids today are so excited about.

Cuddling with Snickers

With Poppy at Hood Canal

Baby's can sleep anywhere

Birthday Princess

Play Ball

Pig Out